Friday, November 12, 2010

november meeting [praying for our husbands]

the link for last saturday's meeting is now online! (click here) if you were unable to make it, below is a visual tutorial for how to make your own journal using a composition notebook.

and of course you don't need to modge podge a notebook to begin a prayer journal! grab a journal you already have or head to the store and pick out one that you like or that reminds you of your husband. either way, we encourage you to spend some time talking with your husband about areas you can to pray for him and then put it into action.  the notes break it up into 30 topics of prayer, so it can be used as a monthly guide. the idea is that you can begin by praying for your husband in a different area everyday each month. but mainly, this is your journal to create as you feel led. so whether you write out specific prayers, bullet points, or jot down scriptures to pray over him, we encourage you to seize the opportunity we all have as intercessors for our husbands. have a great weekend! and we hope to see you all this sunday to make our advent calendars!


  1. I'm not a wife, but I do love the wives at our church and blogs.

    Even though I am not married and have no idea if I ever will be, I like to recognize that there are members of my church family who are, and celebrate that they are being equipped, pushed, and challenged, and ackowledge how much that benefits our entire church body. Not just married members.

    I'm ready to support, encourage, and pray for yall. I'm excited that there is finally a way to connect with you ladies. I hope this blog serves as that. Update often!!!!

    SOOOO yay for a new blog to follow!
    love you guys.
    -Mattie Babb

  2. i have loved my prayer journal! i just started writing in it over thanksgiving break, but am just going through the list you all gave us of topics. i have enjoyed it... seeing it there on the coffee table is a great reminder to pray for kyle!


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